Wk7- Artist Conversation- Michael VanOverbeck

Artist: Michael VanOverbeck
Exhibition: BFA Thesis Exhibition 

Media: Wood Working 

Email: mbv41mail@gnail.com

Michael is a CSULB student and will be graduating this semester. His gallery show on Thursday was his last day at the school until he graduates. He earned his associates degree in El Camino College. While he is a student at CSULB, he teaches painting and drawing at the community college.

His work is entirely made with wood. The colors of his work are all natural wood, he doesn’t use paint on them, just a finish gloss. His work contains different shades of wood, that creates an amazing streaking pattern.

Micheal only had a few pieces of his work in the gallery, but these pieces were very meaningful and beautiful. While speaking with the artist, he explained that one of the chairs (the one with the different shades of wood) took him about 200 hours of work. The other, smaller, chair was made for his mother. He explained that he chose to do rocking chairs because they illustrate curves and motion like a humans body. 

Although Micheal didn’t have many pieces in his gallery I really enjoyed it. His pieces were very meaningful to him and he explained that he could have just bought a chair, instead this piece of art will be an heirloom in his family for the future generations. 



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