Wk9- Artist Conversation 

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals, Silver, Copper

Gallery: CSULB, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: no website 

Sean is currently an undergrad student at CSULB. She is from Los Angeles but lives in Long Beach to stay close to the university. She likes to read and enjoys cats on her free time. She likes to experiment with her work, her basis is daily life.

All of Sean’s work is metal material. A lot of the colors are the same, copper and silver. Her pieces are nicely shaped, for example the half sphere necklace. Her work is modern and based on real life qualities.

Her art is very playful. All of her work represent objects that were on her mind at the moment that she was working on it. She incorporates humor in her work, for example the penis, not many people in college would create a copper penis and proudly put it in a gallery.

I really enjoyed the work I saw in her gallery. The colors are amazing and shiny. The curves and textures are smooth. She inspired me to be myself around others. She is herself when working on her art and makes it enjoyable for others to see. 



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