Wk8- Classmate Conversation 

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Bekah Johnson, she is a freshmen. She dorms at CSULB since she is from Inland Empire. She is a double major in Political Science and International Studies. Her hobbies are playing the guitar and going to punk rock concerts! 



Wk7- Art Experience

This week the art experience was to create a video. I was able to work on this project with my classmate Lorena Rubalcava, who also is a good friend since fifth grade and my boyfriend’s sister LOL. We created a video that illustrates two roommates having a common issue, while one does all the chores the other one is laying on the couch enjoying life. Overall I enjoyed working on this project!

Wk7- Artist Conversation- Michael VanOverbeck

Artist: Michael VanOverbeck
Exhibition: BFA Thesis Exhibition 

Media: Wood Working 

Email: mbv41mail@gnail.com

Michael is a CSULB student and will be graduating this semester. His gallery show on Thursday was his last day at the school until he graduates. He earned his associates degree in El Camino College. While he is a student at CSULB, he teaches painting and drawing at the community college.

His work is entirely made with wood. The colors of his work are all natural wood, he doesn’t use paint on them, just a finish gloss. His work contains different shades of wood, that creates an amazing streaking pattern.

Micheal only had a few pieces of his work in the gallery, but these pieces were very meaningful and beautiful. While speaking with the artist, he explained that one of the chairs (the one with the different shades of wood) took him about 200 hours of work. The other, smaller, chair was made for his mother. He explained that he chose to do rocking chairs because they illustrate curves and motion like a humans body. 

Although Micheal didn’t have many pieces in his gallery I really enjoyed it. His pieces were very meaningful to him and he explained that he could have just bought a chair, instead this piece of art will be an heirloom in his family for the future generations. 


Wk6- Photowalk

This week we were assigned to choose a lead walk person and tour areas of the campus as we take photos. For my group, we began by the galleries, walked by the hall of sciences, went down the hill, by the horn center and ended at the pyramid.  


Wk5- Classmate Conversation- RaVen Montgomery

For this week I had the pleasure to have a conversation with RaVen. She is a Sophmore here at CSULB, and is a theater major. We viewed the three different galleries together. We were so fascinated with the copper art and the maze gallery. They were both very misterious and intriguing, Raven and I worked together throughout to try to figure some of the pieces out. Thx RaVen, you’re a superstar!

wk4- Artist Conversation

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: The Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Spray Paint, Ceramics, and Paint Pens

Website: http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: @Samueljenri

This week we got to see artist, Samuel Jernigan’s sculptures. During the exhibition I learned that Jernigan graduated CSLUB fall 2015, with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Since he grew up in Compton, he grew up with a love for music, letting that be his inspiration in his sculptures. Jernigan is really passionate about his work, he has spent the last 16 years striving to make it perfect in his eyes. To my surprise, when he is not working on his sculptures one of the things he enjoys doing is collecting pens.

In Jernigan’s exhibit “The Weight of Whimsy and Ideals,” his sculptures were very detailed, but definitely not what you call “ordinary”. Some of his work was very colorful, for which he used spray paint and paint pens. He described his sculpture as “giant toys”, and I agree. The piece that came to mind when he used that reference is the doll that had a baby’s toy as a head. His pieces are objects that are used everyday, but he puts them together in the most awesome ways to make it a piece of art.

Samuel Jernigan being that humorous man that he is, explains that all of his sculptures are inspired by things that make him laugh, or are fun, such as toys. In his work, Jernigan uses creativity to put random things together.However, his work also gives a sense of loneliness, like the doll with the toy head, both the doll and the toy are things that kids use to play with when they are young but eventually leave behind.

After carefully viewing his work i have a new understanding for art. In the past if i would see art like this I would think “what is this?”, but now thanks to this class and conversations i have had with classmates i am able to understand art from different perspectives. I would never thought that sculptures such as his can be art, but now i have learned that one must be creative, unique, and persistent when following our dreams.

Wk4- Graffiti

My graffiti art really sucks! Lol however I did have a lot of fun working on this assignment. The paint colors I chose to work with were black, white, and hot pink. For the graffiti I did my nickname “Danie” which is short for Daniella.  



Week 1- Landscape with a Corpse

For this assignment I wasn’t sure what to do, during the day I happened to slip on my way down the stairs, therefore I decided that my “death” would be slipping off the stairs. The following two pictures show the same image taken from two different angles. In my experience I am on my way out of the house hence my purse and keys. As I was going down the stairs i slip and fall so badly, it caused my death.